Upholstery materials dangerous goods

Are you looking for filling materials for the transport of dangerous goods? Take a look here! We produce padded cushions for the transport of dangerous goods. The more dangerous the content, the safer the dangerous goods containment must be.

Specializing in dangerous goods packaging for liquid dangerous goods, rechargeable batteries and batteries, we help you to ensure that everything stays intact and reaches your customers safely.

Vermiculite Polsterkissen
Cushion 1: Vermiculite cushion

For the transport of
liquid dangerous goods

Cover: Long fiber paper
Filling: Vermiculite

Cushion 2: Vermiculite cushion Plus

For the transport of new and old batteries

Cover: tear-resistant PE fleece
Filling: Vermiculite

Cushion 3: Fire protection cushion

For transporting old and defective batteries, with EXTRA fire protection

Cover: tear-resistant, non-flammable glass fiber fabric
Filling: Vermiculite

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Fire protection inner packaging