Vermiculite cushion Plus

For the transport of new and old batteries

If a transport damage occurs on lithium-ion batteries (e-cars, e-bikes, smartphones, cordless screwdrivers and other tools) and electrolytes leak out in an uncontrollable manner, they will cause great damage.

According to Shipping Instructions P908 and Test Requirements for Packing Group II.
Absorbs leaking battery fluid
+ Cover made of polyester fleece allows leaking electrolytes to penetrate into the filler material:
+ Vermiculite absorbs everything.
K2-PLUS: Protects against further damage
+ Tear-resistant and cushioning cover.
+ Reusable.
K2-PLUS: Protects from fire
+ High thermal insulation, no electrical conductivity, filters fumes.
+ Vermiculite filling is incombustible.
Old and new batteries:
Safe transport. High fire protection.

karolit 1815 (180 x 150 mm)60 g180 ml
karolit 1820 (180 x 200 mm)90 g270 ml
karolit 1825 (180 x 250 mm)150 g450 ml
karolit 1835 (180 x 350 mm)250 g750 ml
karolit 1845 (180 x 450 mm)340 g1.020 ml

Other sizes and filling weights on request
Grain of vermiculite: 2-4 mm