Cushion 3:

Fire protection cushion

For transporting old and defective batteries, with EXTRA fire protection

Defective lithium-ion batteries have a high risk of leaking during transport and causing considerable damage.
Additional risk: high fire hazard.

According to Shipping Instructions P908 and Test Requirements for Packing
Group II.

Absorbs leaking battery fluids
+ Glass-fiber fabric cover allows electrolytes to penetrate well into the filler material:
+ Vermiculite absorbs everything. Protects against further damage.
+ Tear-resistant and cushioning cover.
+ Can be reused many times.
+ Tear-resistant and cushioning cover.
+ Can be reused many times. Suitable for 30-40 usages.
K3-PLUS: DOUBLE protection against fire
+ Glass-fiber fabric cover with high thermal insulation, no electrical conductivity and fume filtering.
+ Vermiculite filling is incombustible.
+ Glass-fiber fabric cover is absolutely incombustible: In the event of fire, fibers first become red-hot, then fuse together.
Defective batteries:
Safe transport.
VERY high fire protection.
Individually according to your specifications
Grain of vermiculite: 3-8 mm

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