Cushion 1:

Vermiculite cushion

For the transport of liquid dangerous goods

Loose vermiculite granules are very dusty. This affects all those who are responsible for packing and unpacking the liquid containers: Handling loose vermiculite is a nuisance, can be harmful to health and is not well received by customers.

Absorbs leaking liquids
+ The liquid-conducting cover made of tea bag paper guarantees full absorbency of the filler material.
K1-PLUS: Retains dust
+ Vermiculite dust remains inside the cushion.
+ Containers remain clean. Time-consuming cleaning is no longer necessary.
Liquid hazardous materials:
Safe AND dust-free transport.

karolit 1815 (180 x 150 mm)60 g180 ml
karolit 1820 (180 x 200 mm)90 g270 ml
karolit 1825 (180 x 250 mm)150 g450 ml
karolit 1835 (180 x 350 mm)250 g750 ml
karolit 1845 (180 x 450 mm)340 g1.020 ml

Other sizes and filling weights on request
Grain of vermiculite: 2-4 mm

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