About us

The business activity of karolit GmbH started in 2006 as part of what was then Kreiter GmbH, which until then had exclusively been involved in the production and sale of karopack upholstery cushions and the associated production systems. Triggered by an inquiry from a customer, the vermiculite granulate began to be packed in bags made of long fiber paper (tea bag paper). This moved the customer away from using the dusty, loose vermiculite and towards a dust-free cushion solution. Since that time, the karolit vermiculite cushions have been manufactured as a dust-free alternative for the transport protection of hazardous goods and sold to customers across Europe.

Since 2018 the vermiculite cushions have also been used by customers as transport protection for the dispatch of defective lithium-ion batteries. Since the high liquid permeability of the long fiber paper is less important for this purpose than a tear-resistant cover, the vermiculite cushions are also made with tear-resistant fleece or non-flammable textile cover. And from this, in turn, fire protection cushions were developed that have a shell made of fire-resistant glass fiber fabric and are filled with insulating vermiculite. These fire protection cushions, as well as fire protection blankets, are manufactured in almost any dimensions.

Due to the very positive development of the two divisions karopack and karolit, Kreiter GmbH was renamed karolit GmbH in 2020 and the karopack activities were outsourced to the newly founded karopack GmbH.